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If your LRI product fails for any reason other than battery expiration, return it for free repair or  replacement.

Tips For Warranty Returns

Troubleshooting  Tips

We recommend when you are sending in your product for warranty repair or replacement, to please:


1) Send it in a padded envelope or small box.

    (Photon Lights sent in plain envelopes get  lost because the sorting machines push out the light and we receive an empty envelope.)


2) Make sure to give us your return address.


3) Enclose a short note explaining the problem or reason you sent it in for warranty or repair.


4) It is very helpful if you provide a phone number or email address in case we need to contact you regarding your warranty repair or replacement.

Please send your Warranty Return to

20448 Hwy 36

Blachly, Oregon



If you have any questions please call us at



Or Email Warrranty at




 - All of our lights have replaceable batteries.


 - If your Photon brand flashlight gets water inside it, just open the case, dry it out, and your on your way.


 - Infrared light is invisible to the human eye.


For X-Light® Micro, Freedom®, Fusion®

and Proton® Pro:


If your light turns off after 6 seconds it is still in Point of Purchase (POP) which is a demo mode. It is designed to turn the light off after 6 seconds so that you can test the product in-store and ensures that the batteries stay fresh.


To Exit: Simply press and hold down the button until your light shuts off (about 20 seconds) . YOU MUST exit POP to access the full functionality of your Freedom product.


If your light will only work as a squeeze light it is in Signal/Momentary (aka Morse Code) Mode.


To Exit:  Simply press and hold down the button until it shuts off.  Your light is now back to full power instant On and you have full access to all modes.


Additional Trouble Shooting Tips

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