Woman Owned                     Small Business

Proud Manufacturer of the Photon® Line of Products

Laughing Rabbit Incorporated

Is Proud to be a Woman Owned, Small Business


We Take Quality Seriously!

Quality products - Quality service - Lifetime Warranty

"If your LRI product fails for any reason other than battery expiration, return it for free repair or  replacement."

LRI was incorporated by Dallas and David Allen in 1993. The first Photon Micro-Lights® were hand made using an LED, shrink wrap plastic and coin cell battery at the Allen family kitchen table. They were an instant hit with friends and family who appreciated the small, lightweight, durable and brilliant flashlights.


In 1997, with an overwhelming demand for our great products the business outgrew the family home. Dallas and David purchased one of the rare pieces of commercial property in our rural Oregon town, the over 100 year old Blachly General Store.


After two years of extensive renovation L.R.I. moved in, the building is now known in the community as "The Lighthouse”. We are proud to continue to be located in rural Blachly Oregon and to sell our hand build American made products locally and internationally.


We strive to be a positive member of our community and are happy to support non-profits and other causes by donating thousands of Photon® products worldwide.



How we came to be named Laughing Rabbit Inc.


If you have ever read or watched the stories of Br'er Rabbit or Bugs Bunny then you are familiar with how they always succeed by their  good humor, quick wits and creativity. We named our company Laughing Rabbit Inc. to embody the type of success that these characters symbolize. Other companies talk about being a wolf or predator and being at the top of the food chain. But we believe that isn't the only way to success.

Our Office "The Lighthouse"


Phone: 541-925-3741      Fax: 541-925-3751        Email: Info@LaughingRabbitinc.com      Mailing Address: 20448 Hwy 36, Blachly, Oregon 97412